Final evaluations

Post 2TPM Conclusions

After showing and sharing students' and teachers' questionnaires results from our respective schools, we had a round table of conclusions. In general, some slighthy changes have been seen in students' progress of literacy skills and even some improvements regarding language skills. However, it is stated, more and more actions must be implemented to keep improving these results. These are our conclusions:


Reading skills:

  • In general, reading for pleasure takes time and effort to see increase results of approvement. Turkish students seem to enjoy this kind of reading much better than the rest.

  • Functional reading is recommended to increase students' enjoyment

  • Using language and reading cross-curricularly also helps to increase levels of reading for pleasure and understanding.

  • It is outstanding the friends' recommendation when choosing a reading. 


Writing skills:


  • The importance given to good writing has increased in general. Students are becoming more conscious of this issue when developing different text types or even when using social media or whatsapp.

  • Most of students show their interest to develop writing as a school assignment. 

  • Before writing, French students have increased their time devloted to planning and brainstorming. 

  • There is a common interest in developing writing tasks on their personal issues ( life, routines, hobbies, family, holidays) in the first person. Since this helps them to become protagonists of the text. Moreover, free writing is the preferred style among teenagers so they feel more comfortable.


Speaking and Listening skills:


  • We observe a rising in the importance of the speaking skill to communicate with other foreign students. This project has helped students to start and keep relationships with students from abroad and different cultures, therefore the speaking skills have been potentially worked.

  • Most of the students like following teachers' instrucctions when doing a task

  • Most of the students appreciate being provided with a linguistic model prior doing a task in class. So we consider this to be essential and useful in their learning.


Other abilities :


  • Most of the students like working in pairs, rather than the whole groups of individually. They really appreciate tasks such as role-playing which really helps them to improve literacy skills

  • Games is the preferred activity to learn any linguistic issue.

  • They really appreciate teachers' innovation tecniques and methods, especially when using new ICT tools that might suprise and engage them. 

Coordination assesment and sustainability of the project