2018- 2019 activity : Collaborative Writing

Students' tasks  will be developed in 3 different steps:


  • Step 1: we must work in our language lessons on storytelling since our students' project is focused on this. So it would be great if we show how we deal with this ( story structure, vocabulary and grammar-related activities...) in our lessons. Our students' site is Twinspace. So here our project students can upload pictures that show lessons activities, and they can explain how they are learning ( just posting on twinspace home, as we did before with reading circles...). Deadline 15th March 2019.


  • Step 2: teachers and students must work on a specific section of our future made-up story. As we agreed, each country must work on a specific section of the story, and it must be 3 pages long  and in this order, as follows:

    • 1. Estonian: context

    • 2. France: characters

    • 3. Turkey: introduction

    • 4. Germany: plot

    • 5. Spain: conclusion  

  • We agreed on creating a chain of emails to create our story. Therefore....

    • Estonian partner will work on the story's context and send it (only to) to French partner on the 1st February 2019.

    • Once got it, French  partner will send both sections ( Estonian and French) to Turkey on 8th of February 2019

    • Turkey will start working on the intro and they will send the three sections to Germany on 15th February 2019

    • Germany will work on the story plot and send this and previous sections to Spain on 22nd February 2019

    • Finally, Spain will conclude the story and it will be completed by 3rd March 2019 ( deadline). At that weekend, Spain will upload the storyon Twinspace. This will be a model for our project students who will travel to Estonia.


  • Step 3: during Estonian mobility C4, our students....

    • Will take part in different literacy workshops organised by Estonian partner ( classroom corners where teachers will act as guides)

    • Will work in mixed groups ( one student one country) to develop their own story. We agreed on using the activity we developed during C3 in Estonia.

    • Will present their stories. To do so, they will be given different possibilities ( record a podcast, drama, tv show,  tv interview, read aloud, sing a rap that summarizes the story, create a storyline to tell your story using Mindmeister , create an animated video for the story using Powtoonetc) so our students will be assessed by teachers.  

    • All stories, including the model story, will be collected to create an e-book/ booklet after C4 mobility. 

       Our students production 

Clic on the pencil to read our students' story.